Feevah, Shaviyani Atoll


Feevah is an inhabited island in Shaviyani Atoll. The inhabitants live mainly from agriculture. Feevah has had its fair share of natural disasters. Feevah was the southern most island which was affected by the August 1815 earthquakes that shook the northernmost islands of the Maldives. Feevah was later severely damaged by the great cyclone of 1821. In modern history, the Tsunami of 2004 damaged the island and effected the island's agricultural production and declined output. More than half of Feevah is covered in thick jungles with the village in the middle. Only 4 roads connect the village to the outskirts of the island.


Distance from Malé:243 km
Location:06°20′57″N    73°12′28″E
Island use as:Inhabited Island (Locals Island)
Neighboring islands:Nalandhoo
Area:105.85 ha
Length x width:1045 x 1013 m

Population:  1230+

Administrative Information
President of Council